Our Customers

Sometimes it is pretty difficult to explain a certain activity promptly and efficiently among colleagues in the company. The problem becomes greater if I'm explaining the activity to a new employee, or to someone who hasn't encountered such an activity yet. People have their own understanding of language, and there is no universal way to describe certain activities through words that people would comprehend equally. This is why I have moved onto illustrative pictures. Also, I have started  to simulate complex processes so that everyone can see the single steps and different variants of the process in minutes. This change didn't avoid being asked all of the  same questions; however, all the queries are now focused on a concrete area. This gives me the opportunity to improve and update the diagrams. My colleagues familiarize themselves with the pictures in a far shorter time compared to text - we can get straight to the root of  the problems during our discussions. Moreover Craft.CASE helps me cover the whole issue in a complex manner without leaving any  points undefined.

George Galardi, IT company owner


I was surprised how simple my purchasing scenarios looked after few weeks of analysis. The previous several years of so-called “internal improvement” resulted in complex and unreadable schemes. Craft.CASE really made key issues visible and therefore quite easy to deal with.

Otto King, CFO of a mobile phone operator