Customising Craft.CASE

As you work on BPA projects, you will get into various situations that are not standard. A BPA tool should give you every opportunity to tackle these situations. Some tools can do that in a straightforward fashion because they are not very rigid in following any particular method. So anything you want to do is allowed, but, by implication, they don’t have the power to control model consistency. Craft.CASE combines a strict adherence to powerful method, with support for solving general problems (standard or otherwise).

Craft.CASE is provided with a built-in application interface and programming language, which enables the user:

  • to make automatic changes to the project
  • to create customized reports
  • to compute aggregated values based on the model
  • to add new export formats
  • to extend Craft.CASE functionality

and much more…

See example >>

If you want to do some of above, you can either:

  • do it yourself in the Scripting menu accessible from the Launcher, or
  • contact us to develop a specialized package for you.

In the second case we will need you to precisely describe your problem and your needs so that we may develop the package for you. It is useful to provide us with your project file so that we can test the package on your real data.

The service is charged by the hour – provided by our professional programmers so you will not pay for scripting language learning. After you receive the package designed by us, it is yours and you are allowed to modify it as you want.