System requirements

  • Network connection
  • Any web browser
  • Flash Player version 9 or 10 (version 10 recommended)
  • Graphic adapter with a resolution of at least 1024x768

Technical recommendations

  • Graphic adapter with a resolution higher than 1024x768
  • Flash Player version 10
  • Fast internet connection (1 Mb and more)

Craft.CASE Online

A Brief Introduction

Craft.CASE Online is a web application that enables the viewing and discussing of projects created in Craft.CASE.


  • Viewing: business architectures; business diagrams; and the attributes of their elements
  • Using an integrated discussion module to post comments
  • Acting on the comments and posting new versions of the model (only accessible for model authors)


  • each project is accessible only to invited people,
  • each project is password protected

Who is Craft.CASE Online for:

1. Business Process Analysts

Business process analysts use the tool to get feedback from their clients in separate lifecycle phases of their projects to avoid misunderstandings.

2. their clients

Clients want to view and communicate partial results in each phase of a project lifecycle. They can load any project to which they have been granted access. They can view business architectures, view and simulate diagrams, participate in discussions and make comments on various objects within the model.