Active Craft.CASE users


The training is composed of two main parts – a theoretical lecture and a practical workshop. The theoretical lecture explains the C.C method and the appropriate parts of the Craft.CASE tool step-by-step. In the practical portion, attendees face a realistic analytical problem. While participants work solo or in pairs to solve the problem, experienced mentors are on hand.

The maximum recommended number of attendees in one group is 10. According to group size there are usually two or three mentors to lead you through the practical workshop.

You can choose one of the following three variations of the training.

  Duration Lecture/Workshop rate Complexity and focus of practical exercise
Basic 1 day 50%
Quite easy, Craft.CASE usage
Classic 1.5 day 33%
Quite difficult, Craft.CASE usage, analytical thinking
Extended 3 days 33%
Complex, Craft.CASE usage, analytical thinking, model validation and verification



The training is focused on the active use of Craft.CASE. The main goal of the training is to familiarize attendees with the C.C method and to go through the individual steps in a practical manner. The participants will learn how to use Craft.CASE tool as well. According to the training variant users will gain some other skills necessary for BPA projects.