Reading and making comments on the model


During the first three hours attendees learn how to understand and find information in the Craft.CASE model. In the first phase of the training attendees are familiarized with all the diagram types, objects, and their meaning. Afterwards they learn how to use Craft.CASE Viewer and learn how to find additional information about single objects. Thanks to practical exercises, participants can apply recently acquired knowledge. This is the time when attendees can make the best of individual help from our mentors. Finally, users are taught how to use Craft.CASE Online, which is a very user friendly and intuitive web application, used for making comments to the model for those not equipped with the Craft.CASE editor.

The maximum recommended number of attendees in one group is 10. Depending on group size there are usually two or three mentors to lead you through the practical exercise.


The training is focused on users who do not need to use Craft.CASE actively. The main goal is to teach attendees how to interpret the results of a project in Craft.CASE notation, how to find what they need, and how to focus attention to concrete parts during the project.